Pepper Spray Your Assailant With This iPhone Case

iPhone cases and self-defense seem to be going hand-in-hand these days. It was just last summer that we reported on an iPhone case with a built-in stun gun, but if that was a bit too gruesome for you, you can always try pepper spray. A company under the name of Spraytect has recently launched an iPhone case with a built-in can of pepper spray.

Spraying someone with the Spraytect case is pretty simple: just undo the safety and spray away. However, the safety process is quite extensive as it requires pulling a pin and rotating the can into place. It’s probably a good idea to have these safety measures in place so you don’t spray yourself next time you decide to take an obnoxious selfie on Facebook. Not that it wouldn’t be deserved.

The Spraytect case features a pretty unique design. The hump on the back of the device stores a can of pepper spray, but also functions as a stand for your iPhone. The case is available in four colors: black, white, blue and pink. If you feel the need to purchase a Spraytect case for yourself, you can buy one for $39.95. The case comes with one can of pepper spray as well as a test canister that can be used to test your aim. Additional cans can be purchased for $17.95 a piece. As of now, the Spraytect case is only available for the iPhone 4/4S.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.