Need proof Apple’s taking the iPhone 4 problems seriously? See Jeff Williams

The more successful a company gets, the more people are going to be looking to tear them down a little bit. It’s normal, and it’s happened to a lot of companies long before Apple came around. It’s not overly surprising then that Apple has decided to create a new Vice President position to oversee quality control, and ensure that Apple’s products meet the highest levels of quality. Apple users have come to expect it, and Apple’s delivered it time and time again.

But, every now and then a chink in the armour turns up, either justly or unjustly, and everyone gets in a tizzy over the problems. Someone needs to be responsible for these problems, and to make sure that they never make it into production.  This is where Jeff Williams comes in to view.

Who is Jeff Williams? As of today Mr. Williams will be reporting to Apple’s COO Tim Cook directly. He’ll also be responsible for “end-to-end supply chain management” and ensuring that Apple products meet the highest standards of quality. He’s been with the company since leaving IBM in 1998, has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Duke University. He sounds like a perfect fit for the new position, and we’re not alone in that opinion. Apple seems to like him quite a bit as well. AppleInsider has him slated to earn approximately $27.4 million dollars in stock options, and stock grants. They’ve also speculated that Apple’s grooming him to replace Tim Cook as COO, should Steve Jobs step down at any point in the future.

Article Via AppleInsider

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