Pretty soon you may be able to re-download your iTunes music

There’s nothing I hate more than losing my purchased iTunes tracks. Like I mentioned in this week’s podcast, I’m pretty hardcore about the my backup scheme. But, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been times when I’ve lost an album that I’ve recently downloaded. Usually my misstep results in having to buy the album a second time, which isn’t the most optimal solution.

When the Mac App Store shipped, we were able to instantly re-download a purchased application on multiple devices. I immediately wondered why the functionality hasn’t been available in iTunes.

Turns out that Apple might be wondering the exact same thing themselves. According to Bloomberg this morning, Apple’s in the process of discussing the ability to re-download your music whenever the need arises with music labels.

A deal would provide iTunes customers with a permanent backup of music purchases if the originals are damaged or lost, said the people. The service also would allow downloads to iPad, iPod and iPhone devices linked to the same iTunes account, they said. The move would be a step closer to universal access to content centrally stored on the Internet.

The move is welcomed, but its current absence is pretty surprising. However, it seems like it’s something that doesn’t fully lay in the hands of Apple. While I’m reluctant to fully rely on Apple and the music industry to restore my downloads, it would certainly be a welcome addition to my backup plan, as a last resort, should I need it.

Article Via Bloomberg

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