Pokémon rhythm game coming to iOS in Japan

Yes, that’s right. A Pokémon game is being released in Japan for iOS and Android devices, but it’s not what you think. Kotaku reports the game is called “Pokémon Say Tap?”, and the game is being released not by Nintendo exactly, but The Pokémon Company, an affiliate of Nintendo that holds licensing and marketing power over the Pokémon franchise.

Still, it is an “official” Pokémon game with official Pokémon properties. The game seems to be a rhythm type game, where you tap on Pokémon cards in time with music. The free app is due to be released this summer, and marks the first time a Pokémon game has been released on non-Nintendo hardware. A listing for the game even appears on Nintendo’s own site.

Pokémon continues to be a huge franchise for Nintendo, with cumulative sales of all Pokémon games exceeding 200 million as of May 2010. The popularity of Pokémon has rarely waned over its 15 year history, and the most recently released Pokémon Black and White shattered previous sales numbers. There’s always a new generation of kids that are going to like Pokémon, so it seems.

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a Japan only release, at least for now. Lucky.

Via: TouchArcade
Source: Kotaku

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