Next point of infiltration: Apple wants to tackle our fitness level with real-time competitions?

Apple seems to always be on the lookout for a new industry to infiltrate. Its latest foray has been the education industry with the release of iBooks 2 and iBooks Author. Now, it seems that the Cupertino boys want to turn couch potatoes into 5K runners. According to AppleInsider:

Future versions of Apple’s iOS software may introduce new fitness technology that will encourage a more competitive spirit by allowing users to compete and share real-time performance data with other users working out at the same time, even if those users reside in different parts of the world.

Naturally, such a thought would come from a patent, right? A patent filing from only three months ago outlines the technology which seems to be built on the existing Nike+ iPod system. Except this time, there would be real-time sharing. Imagine for a second, a notification during Cut the Rope saying your wife just ran 5 miles. What would you do? Apple gives an instance in which two people, in competition with each other, are working out on treadmills. Their iOS devices are wirelessly synced together and they can view each other’s current pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, and even blood oxygen levels:

These treadmills may be located in the same building, or they may be located in different buildings, in different cities, or even in different continents. In this example, media on one media player can be shared between the two treadmills. Also, data from both treadmills can be displayed on each treadmill, thus showing the users their respective standings in the competition.

Apple goes on to note that such a concept can also be applied to elliptical steppers, stationary bicycles, weight machines, or even actual bikes. Of course, there would be other benefits to such an update including hands-free workout data uploads. After all, the tedious process that turns some away from Nike + iPod is the step of having to manually input your workout after you’ve done it. Ironic, right? Working out… using your fingers.

Nevertheless, this shows that Apple is always thinking ahead. Just ponder over the idea of head-to-head competitions via your iOS device. Creative, right?

Via: AppleInsider

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