Plex For iOS 2.4 Released With Major Updates

Plex for iOS provides on-the-go access to your entire media library. Users can access movies, TV shows, music, and photos at home or anywhere else. With Plex’s iOS 2.4 update there are a lot of new features available.

One of the most exciting new updates is the social features that are now available for Plex users. You can add friends to your myPlex account by tapping account settings and going to the friends tabs to invite them. You can also recommend media to friends, and post right onto Facebook simply by holding down a media item.

There are also a lot of other new features with this release including:

  • Ability to clear cached images
  • The app can be launched via the plexapp:// URL scheme
  • Media can be deleted from the app (must be enabled on the server, required PMS or newer)
  • Automatic video quality adjustment has been restored, allowing the app to select the most appropriate video quality for the current available bandwidth, up to a user-defined maximum
  • Attempt to automatically select audio and subtitle streams for all parts when playing stacked media
  • Networked logging option (in advanced settings). Sends iOS and PMS lots to a centralized server in the cloud when enabled, to aid with support
  • A new look for settings

There are also a lot of bug fixes made to this app, which you can check out on iTunes. Available for both iPhone and iPad, you can purchase this app for $4.99.

Source: Plex and Apple
Image Credit: lifehacker

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