No one plays Angry Birds apart from 350 million people

I’m going to get in trouble for this post — recently we decided to tone down on the Angry Birds posts, limiting them to important announcements as opposed to the “another 15 new levels” content that seemed to be occurring on a weekly basis. So editorial concluded that only major news for our avian friends would see publishing — but wait, what’s that? Angry Birds has hit 350 million downloads.

It was only back in May that Rovio decided to revel in the 200 million mark. Seriously, who’s still buying the game — it must be close to hitting its saturation point soon. There’ll be no one physically left who lacks a copy in the Western world. 350 million people. It really is truly astonishing.

This is obviously discounting the recent news that merchandising was doing just as well — plushies, toys and Angry apparel had all hit the millions mark.

I’m sure the success of the series will make the developers think twice about releasing two sequels this year. Oh wait…

Source: CNN Money
Photo Credit: etee

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