Photos Reveal Alleged iPhone 5 Logic Board?

For the past month or so, photos displaying a number of alleged parts of the iPhone 5 have been surfacing on the web. French publication website,, has posted leaked photos originally found on a Chinese forum, Weiphone. The leaked photos show what the site is claiming to be the next generation iPhone logic board, which is the part that holds the processor and other support chips for the device.

Last week photos were leaked of a possible new and slimmer battery for the next-generation iPhone. Other photos by French publication website,, showe various iPhone 5 parts, like the front panel, Home button, protective glass cover, and more.

According to, this logic board is different than the logic boards found in Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S and the screw holes of it seem to line up with those found in the previously leaked shells. even created an animated GIF to show the holes lining up.

If this logic board is the real deal, it points towards a couple of changes to the iPhone 5. The SIM card slot looks smaller in size, which would support rumors of the device using the new Nano-SIM format, and the battery connector has five pins as opposed to the current four, suggesting a change in battery technology.

Just like everything else we’ve heard about the next-generation iPhone, it’s impossible to know for sure if these images are real or not, but it’s clear that alleged iPhone 5 parts like this will keep popping up until the iPhone is released.

Source: Weiphone via via ModMyi and Gizmodo
Image Credit: ModMyi and Mac Rumors

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