Photojojo Introduces An iPod Touch “Loop” For the iPhone 5

If you own an iPhone, there isn’t much about the iPod touch that makes you jealous. It’s always a step behind the iPhone in one way or another. At least, that was the norm until Apple released the iPod touch with a “loop” that helps assist the clumsy, and stops them from butter fingering their iPods all the way to the curb. The Photojojo folks have managed to relieve the jealousy by releasing a brand new iPhone Wrist Strap for the iPhone 4, 4S, and iPhone 5.

The strap connects to the iPhone through its dock connector and seems like a nifty idea if you’re the type of person who walks around with your iPhone in your hand everywhere you go. The Wrist Strap also ships with a screwdriver so that you can fasten the dongle-ified strap to your phone and mount it a little more securely than you’re probably assuming right now. You do, however, have to unscrew parts of your phone to connect the strap.

We do NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) endorse this method. At the very  least, you’re voiding your warranty, and at the most you could damage your phone or the front and back place of your device. I attached a case to my phone using a small screwdriver and nearly took a chip out of my screen because the driver slipped, not to mention that I almost stabbed myself in the process.

There are some very real consequences from using this strap. Consider yourself warned.

If you are the rebel type, and you prefer to ignore everything I’ve said to this point, the Wrist Strap from Photojojo will set you back $35.00.

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