Phillips Shows Off New iPhone 5 Docks

Phillips has just announced five new Lightning enabled speaker docks. The company just started showing off these docks on its company Flickr page, but it hasn’t released any info beyond that. We’re pretty sure that these docks will be compatible with all Lightning devices including the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch. We’re also guessing that these premium docks will sport pretty high price tags.

The two most notable docks featured on the Phillips Flickr pages would have to be the Bedroom Docking Speaker and the Urban Microsystem. The Bedroom Docking Speaker looks like a disk with a speaker on top and a cool looking digital clock face on the front of the device. The speaker on the Bedroom Dock curves around the Lightning connector, showing off your iPhone in a very classy manner.

The Urban Microsystem is my personal favorite of the new Phillips line of Lightning accessories. The device looks like a tall speaker (which it is) with a pleasant beige exterior. This speaker is sure to fit the modern apartment or loft in both size and design. However, I hope the speaker is available in other color options when officially launched.

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