People are STILL lining up for the iPhone 4

We’ve seen launch day lineups for a couple of years now, but what we haven’t seen is multiple-day lineups to get an iPhone. We now know that supply on launch day was seriously limited, but what we didn’t know was that people are still so excited about the iPhone 4 that they’re lining up at AT&T stores—still.

Starting today, the iPhone 4 was on sale at AT&T on a “first come, first served” basis. People in line, who weren’t able to secure a device, were asked if they wanted to have a phone delivered to their home when the device becomes available again.

I’m a pretty huge Apple fan, and even I’m surprised that the iPhone 4 is selling this many devices this quickly. I’m not surprised that an amazing phone is being adopted, but I am surprised that people are still waiting in lines instead of placing orders over the phone.

But then again, I hate standing in lines for anything, technology or not.

Article Via AppleInsider

Photo Credit thinkjose

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