Pegatron getting ready to ship CDMA iPhones

At this point it’s almost a foregone conclusion: Apple’s planning on releasing a CDMA iPhone. The phone might be dual band (allowing it to work on both GSM and CDMA based networks), and it might even include a SIM card created by Apple that lets users avoid all the hassle of setting up their phone with a carrier.

Sure, all of these things are rumors at this point, but there’s power in numbers, and if we can take anything away from these assertions, it’s that there’re a lot of people who say a CDMA phone is going to be released any time now. With the traditional iPhone announcement only three months away now, it’s pretty likely that we’ll hear about them in January. Digitimes is reporting that Pegatron Technology is the manufacturer who is responsible for putting together the CDMA iPhone version, and that they’re planning on releasing 10 million devices in the next year. 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Pegratron is also hiring 10,000 employees to make the Apple mobile devices.

It looks like Apple’s going all in now.

But there’s more to this story than the claims by 9 to 5 Mac. Foxconn is also saying that they’re going to be creating the CDMA iPhone. With all of these companies saying they’re gearing up to ship a ton of CDMA iPhones, is there really any doubt left that the iPhone will be available on the Verizon network in the new year?

We’d be very surprised if this doesn’t actually become a reality.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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