Peek Hopes To Take Over For Your Other Calendar Apps

Another day, another calendar app for your consideration? Seems so. Peek, a minimal, stylish, and gesture based calendar application for your iPhone hit the app store ($1.99) and its aim is to take over and be an answer to all your calendaring needs, obviously. The funny thing is that instead of pontificating about its minimalism (it’s really minimal) the Peek crew is instead extolling its “simple” virtues. It’s pretty simple.

It’s also worth point out that the app has been heavily influenced by Clear, an app from the Realmac Software gang. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of a double edged sword having that kind of influence on the market must be like. On one hand people are using your solutions to solve new problems, but on the other hand it must feel like you’re constantly being ripped off.

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