Need Another Messaging App? Path Has You Covered With Talk, A Pownce For 2014

If for some reason you need yet another messaging app on your iPhone, the folks at Path, the private social network,  have developed and released Talk. This iOS and Android messaging app is, according to Path, smarter and more secure than other messaging apps on the market.


To make the app smart, Path has added Ambient Statuses to Talk. These statuses automatically tell your friends when you’re in transit, have a low battery, as well as other statuses from a small badge next to your name in the app’s home screen.

On top of these features, the app can also be used to send way more than just text messages as you can send music, maps, movies and a ton of other content using Talk. Talk also deletes all messages from its servers within 24-hours, so your conversations remain private.

Path is also working on Place Messaging, a new feature for Talk that lets customers message stores and restaurants directly. When it launches, this will be a great way to make reservations, check availability, and get prices without having to actually call the store.

Path has also redesigned its original social networking app. As shown in the photo above, the app has done away with navigation drawers and moved all sharing buttons to the  bottom of the Path timeline.

You can download Talk now on the App Store for free.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.