Panic: First Of The Four Horsemen Appear, iPhone 5 Prototype Batteries Have No Hope

Reports out of China (, but we can’t find the original) and published by AppleInsider have shed light on Apple’s next iPhone, and possible battery challenges the company must be facing. As far as we know, Apple’s having a problem with what we can only guess is a … prototype?

The claims stem from an article at the Chinese news website discovered by analyst Brian White with Topeka Capital Markets. In a note to investors shared withAppleInsider on Thursday, White relayed details from the report, which suggested that only 30 percent of the battery volumes produced currently meet Apple’s standards.

Is it time to freak out yet? A phone, not even announced or, hell, even mentioned in passing by Apple, is having a “bad time” with its battery. Some say it’s a challenge for the company; others, like me, say wait, what? I can see it now. Can you see it? I bet an engineer sat down at his work bench, started up a prototype, saw the battery drain in 4 hours instead of 4.5 hours and immediately phoned up his favorite rumor analyst, exclaiming, “Shit, the iPhone’s going to be delayed. The battery’s not working so hot.”

That’s how I see this kind of thing happening. Seems legit, right?

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