PadPivot makes up lies because we didn’t positively review their product

In this week’s episode of our video podcast (not yet on the site, but available on YouTube) we looked at the Glif and the PadPivot, both fairly popular Kickstarter projects that seemed to explode over night. Both are great in theory, but we were pretty disappointed in the PadPivot. Their PR team, or someone claiming to be them in our YouTube comments, left us a message falsely accusing us of a malicious review because they hadn’t sent us a product to review for free.

A screenshot of their comment to us on this video:

To that I say, pardon?

In an attempt to clarify their claims that they denied us a review model, and that we paid for one instead, thereby eliciting a negative review, here’s a copy of our back and forth emails, which clearly illustrates how this played out:

The Email Exchange:

Josh to Rocket Fish: “We’d love to test one out. :)”

Chelsea: “Hi Joshua – thanks for the follow up. I’m out on vacation beginning tomorrow, but my colleague Richard <removed last name> (cc’d here) can ship a sample to you next week. Best, -Chelsea”

Richard: “Hi Joshua – Sorry for my delayed response. We’d love to get you a unit shipped out this week. Can you confirm for me what the accurate address is to direct the shipment? Let me know if you have any questions or concerns as well. Best, Richard

Josh to Richard: *Sends Address*

Richard to Josh: Thanks, Joshua. Just got this out and it should arrive by early next Monday. I’ll check in then to make sure it arrived, but let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the interim. Best,Richard”

So here’s our thoughts on this and how it played out.  We got a PR message for the PadPivot, we asked them if we could review it, and they shipped us a review unit.  No review request was ever denied, ever.

Our note to PadPivot

Falsely accusing us of maliciously writing a review because you refused us a unit to review, despite the truth being the exact opposite of what you claim, is pretty low and pathetic. Moving forward we will no longer be reviewing any of your products, nor will we be looking at any products from Rocketfish.

Your product sucked and we told the world. Don’t like it? Stop making shitty products.

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