Oscar Mayer Wants To Turn Your iPhone Into a Bacon-Scented Alarm Clock

It’s a well documented fact that bacon is something of an Internet phenomenon. It also smells delicious. Not ones to pass up a marketing opportunity, the folks at Oscar Mayer want you to “wake up and small the bacon” with this little gadget that attaches to your iPhone and releases the scent of bacon with the help of an accompanying alarm clock app. When the alarm goes off, you’ll get hit with the heavenly aroma of bacon on the griddle.

While anyone can go download Oscar Mayer’s alarm clock app, you need to sign up in order to have a chance to get the bacon-scented alarm clock device. If you want to take part in this delicious-smelling marketing stunt, you can head on over to Oscar Mayer’s “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” site.

(via TUAW)



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