The Original Apple “Two Is Better Than One” ad [Spoof]


You know that new Apple iPhone “Two Is Better Than One” ad? Where they show two iPhone 4s running on AT&T and Verizon side by side? Well, here is the ‘original’ cut of that commercial:

Oh, AT&T… I’m so sorry.

The creator of the video, YouTube user ApplePromos, has received a few nasty comments, but notes that “it’s a joke, I’m 13…so chill out.” They also admit to being on AT&T’s network as well. I guess nothing beats first hand experience.

When Apple ended its exclusive agreement with Rogers in Canada, I don’t recall there being such a big advertising push from Apple about it. There were just the usual iPhone ads with the carrier’s logo tagged on at the end. I guess this is more of a ‘big deal’ in the States, since they released a totally different CDMA version of the phone for Verizon.

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