Orba is my new favourite game.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with three things on my iPhone. First, it’s tower defense games. Second, it’s using any app that lets me shake the phone to do something cool. Third, it’s strategy games, and more specifically block strategy games.

I’ve had a love affair with the Keiffer Bros. ever since I first tried Lexic. They combined two out of three of my favourite things about the iPhone. I could tilt my phone to move blocks around, and I had to spell words with the blocks to make them disappear. It was great fun, and actually got me through part of my summer drive to Columbus (from Canada).

Well, they’ve released another game that’s very quickly eating up my free time, and my not so free time (writing for this site). I hate them for it, but it’s the kind of hate that actually means I love them for it, and also means that this application is one of the better games on my phone right now. It’s actually taken me away from Civ Revolutions, which is no easy feat.

Orba, is a strategy-block game. It’s orbs instead of blocks, but it works like a lot of block games out there. You line up a bunch of orbs that have the same colour, connecting three or more, then you click them to make them disappear. The more you line up, the more points you get. It’s painstakingly easy, but it’s so rewarding to clear a large group of them at once. It’s currently free on the AppStore, but I suspect that it will eventually get a price tag attached to it. I’d recommend heading over there and grabbing it. It’s not every day we get an application of this quality for free on the AppStore.

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