Orange announce UK iPhone tarrifs

This morning for us UK folks, Orange have unveiled their iPhone tariffs which will be starting on Tuesday 10th November. When they first announced they would be carrying the iPhone, along with rival telecoms company Vodaphone, I thought there would be some competition in the pricing plans they offered. But, alas, it seems there will be none from Orange so far at least.
Check out this chart that my friend Alan put together, so you can see the price differences side by side.

I currently hold the £35 a month 3G contract, and if i were to change this plan to Orange’s once the current one is up, I’d save a massive 0.39p over the 18 month contract. Plus I’d have the massive 750MB ‘unlimited data’ allowance. 750MB is not unlimited, it might seem like a fair bit to be using on a phone, but don’t claim it’s unlimited when it’s clearly only 750MB!? O2 also offers unlimited data on their network, and I have never had any warning from them telling me I’m using too much data. Orange have also parterned with BTOpenzone to bring free wi-fi to their customers, but this is also slapped with the 750MB unlimited data allowance, whereas us O2 people can get as much as we want for free

So for me, I plan to stick with O2. I still have a grudge against paying £35 a month for my shiny toy (iPhone) which brings me endless hours of joy when I’m out and about, but I know we get a much better deal than some of you other folks in other countries.
My contract is up in January, and I can actually get a better deal if I change my plan to a pay as you go one, with a data bolt on. But I have to stick with the 3G handset. Not ideal for anyone who loves having the latest and greatest, but for the penny pincher its a pretty good deal.

We also have to wait and see what Vodaphone have to offer. I don’t think their offers will be much better either…

Please click the pictures to view pricing plans in full.

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