One Hundred Legit Reasons To Jailbreak, All In One Video

It’s a question that plagues every new owner of an iOS device. Should I, or should I not jailbreak it? I, for one, had a process for each iOS device I bought. Bring it out the box, jailbreak it, then load my apps and customize the mess out of it. But that has changed. I haven’t jailbroken anything in nearly a year. However, after watching this video by JailbreakMatrix, which compiles 100 reasons to jailbreak you iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad into just under 4 minutes, I had reason too once again.

Some of my favorites:

  • Close all apps at once (the stock method is annoying)
  • FaceTime over 3G
  • Tracking iPhone thieves
  • Email address shortcuts
  • Tracking data usage in Notification Center

So have you jailbroken your device yet? If not, have any of the 100 reasons noted in the video moved you to join the 10 million+ existing jailbroken users?

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