Official Playstation app released

Good news for Playstation3 users who just can’t get enough. There is now an official app (also available on Android) where you can receive gaming information 24/7.

Logging in to MyPSN allows you to follow your friends, see the games they own, read their status updates, monitor all those trophies and of course read the latest Playstation news. The app is free, so there is nothing stopping you from checking it out. It’s pretty fun being able to check your profile on the go.

There are similar style apps that offer you access to your online gaming accounts — the wow armoury for example — and these types of apps seem like a great move to keep us all addicted to our games.

I wonder if Sony will add to the Playstation app in the future in order to integrate gaming itself. Will they offer a way to actually play games in some form or to connect up?

Details of the countries that can use the app show that it is available in the US, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands (including language support of course). Because the app is actually published from the European section of Sony, it is unclear if this is coming to other countries or if they will get a different app altogether. For all the information you can check the Playstation site.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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