No need for a cable when your iPhone’s case is the charger

When you’re doing a lot of traveling, bringing your charger with you everywhere can be a hassle. Sometimes you’ll forget to bring it, or worse, you’ll leave it plugged in at your hotel room 2,000 miles away. That’s where JuiceTank comes in.

Here’s the product description from the Kickstarter page:

The JuiceTank is the first iPhone case to feature an integrated wall charger that folds flat to provide maximum portability. The automated plug deploys easily and allows you to plug your phone directly into any outlet. No cords required.

Your iPhone, in effect, becomes its own charger when in this case. It’s a pretty snazzy idea, and the industrial design is about as neat as it possibly can be while still providing its main functionality. If you get in early, you can grab your own JuiceTank for just $40 USD, but you need to act fast. Only 400 of those are available. Once that has passed, you can grab the standard model for $55 USD or the Kickstarter-exclusive model for $75 USD.NewImage

As of publication, they have just reached $12,000 of their $125,000 minimum budget. Fear not, though. There are still 58 more days left to make your pledge, so get going! If you grab your own JuiceTank through this Kickstarter project, you can expect it some time this summer, so you’ll see the return on investment relatively quickly.

Does this scratch an itch for you? Could you think of a killer feature to improve this case design? Sound off in the comment section below this post. We’d love to hear from you.

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