No More Passwords To Update Apps

Today, Cult of Mac pointed out that in the iOS 6 developer beta, application updates do not require a password to be entered. Once you authorize an app’s installation the first time, you don’t have to authorize the update. This will make things easier for all of us, and now maybe your mom and dad will actually do their updates themselves instead of waiting for you to do it for them when you come to visit. Also of note, Mountain Lion appears to behave the exact same way. Good news!

In addition, two more significant changes have occurred in the App Store. Tapping the install button will no longer exit the App Store to show you the app installing on the home screen. You can now continue to browse and download without having to go back and forth. However, coming across an app that is already installed will show a new button: Open. This will launch that app immediately. It’s subtle, but a very nice attention to detail that Apple is famous for. Nice work.

With Mountain Lion coming next month and iOS 6 coming this fall, we’re bound to find a load of great new features like these, so stay tuned for more improvements to our favorite operating systems.

Source: CoM

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