Nintendo plans to take on Apple with 3D games.

Well, it’s over. People are finally starting to take Apple seriously as a gaming competitor. In an industry where acknowledging competition is a little ignorant (Microsoft and Sony don’t see the Wii as competition), it’s a strange twist to see one of the big three gaming consoles jockeying to compete with a fourth, lesser known, company — Apple.

It’s hard to ignore a company that sneaks up on you, steals 19% of your market (for portable gaming, not gaming on a whole), and then plans to continue stealing from you with a new device (iPad). So what’s the response from Nintendo? 3D gaming.

You read that right. Nintendo is planning on keeping Apple at bay by introducing a 3D gaming system that will be announced at E3 and shipped by the end of this fiscal year (March 2011).

Before you get all up in arms, the system is said to be possible without glasses, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around those dorky 3D glasses on the bus. The jury’s still out on how successful 3D gaming will be. Despite the success of a film like Avatar, I’m not all that convinced that 3D should be the next step for games.

Maybe ensuring that my game, which is being played on a stellar 1080p television, doesn’t look pixellated and crappy. You know, that’d be a nice start.

Article Via AppleInsider

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