New Waze Update Helps Find Cheapest, Closest Gas Station

Waze, the very popular turn-by-turn navigation app for iPhone and Android, has just received a major update. In addition to the already socially-enhanced turn-by-turn navigation that Waze already provides, it will now help users to find the cheapest, closest gas station from their current location.

There are a few other cool features that this update provides. Waze will update you on any gas coupons if they’re available so that you can save even more money. On top of that, waypoints have also been added with this update, which are good for adding stops along a trip that you’re making. For example, you can add a gas station, a pitstop to a friend’s house, or a restaurant you’d like to eat at.

For Android users, the update adds the ability to make incident reports using voice control, which helps to avoid using the app in an unsafe way. Hopefully this feature will be available for iPhone users at some point as well.

Waze is available for free in iTunes for those who don’t yet have this app. For those that do, you should be able to update Waze directly from your phone.

Source: lifehacker and Apple
Image Credit: CNET Reviews

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