New Skylanders Lost Islands Update Lets You Share Your Accomplishments, Recruit New Companions

Activision’s Skylanders Lost Island for iOS has just been updated to include a couple of new features, like sharing features and a slew of new companions. With Facebook integration, you can now share your achievements and accomplishments right on your Facebook timeline.

On top of the new sharing feature, a bunch of new companions are now available. Companions were first introduced in an update last March. The point is to unlock and welcome different characters on your islands so that you can use their unique gameplay perks and bonuses, like new items, abilities, and buildings to add to your island.

The new companions include Grizz (increases Level Cap from 30 to 35, introduces new buildings), Baxter (lets you store your favorite items to use later), Young Willy (brings new Luck Meter and premium top prizes), Hugo (always knows what tomorrow’s Element of the Day will be), and Cherry (doubles the amount of Totems).

You can get Skylanders Lost Islands, along with the all new companions, in the App Store now. The game is a free download, but does include in-app purchases so make sure to disable this feature in the settings if you don’t want it.

Image Credit: Blip

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