New iPhone Battery Pictured, Slimmer Device and LTE To Come?

9to5mac has reportedly found images of the new iPhone’s battery. This battery is said to feature a 3.8V output and a 1440 mAh capacity, which is substantially larger than the current iPhone 4S as it currently features a 3.7V battery. The extra battery output and capacity could help Apple stuff an LTE chip and a faster processor into the new iPhone as it would provide a higher output to power these power-hungry chips. The Samsung Galaxy S III and certain smartphones from Motorola are already adding an extra .1V to their batteries for the same reason.

So beyond the technical stuff, what else was leaked? How about this: the size of the battery has shrunk. Because of this, we can expect the new iPhone to be substantially thinner as the battery currently takes up a large chunk of the internals of the iPhone 4/4S. And while there are no actual dimension comparisons of the battery sizes of the new and old iPhones, we can expect that the battery will be slimmer because it visually seems taller and because of the rumors that the new iPhone is supposed to feature a taller, 4-inch screen. Not only that, but the battery still has a standard connector and features 5.65 watt-hours like the battery in the iPhone 4 and 4S. Because of this, there’s no reason for the stretched out battery not to be thinner as a thicker battery would feature a higher watt-hour count.

Now that you’ve heard the facts (and some speculation), what do you think of the possible leaked new iPhone batteries? Are they real or are they just another knockoff? Let your voice be heard by dropping a comment on this post!

Source: 9to5mac via The Next Web
Image Credit: 9to5mac

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