New iPhone 5 thinner, lighter, and could be in short supply

iPhone 5 Concept

Every new Apple product on the market usually ends up being the embodiment of that Daft Punk song, Harder, Better, Faster, and it’s starting to sound like the iPhone 5 may just fit right in with the motif. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next generation iPhone will be thinner, lighter, faster.

In addition to personifying a Daft Punk song, it’s also being reported that Apple will include an 8-megapixel camera in the iPhone 5 (possibly called the iPhone 4S), as well as a Qualcomm wireless baseband chip, Samsung memory chip, and Infineon Technologies baseband chip.

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that the new iPhone is extremely difficult to assemble, which could result in the next generation iPhone failing to meet Apple’s goals for shipment by the end of the quarter.

Two of the people, however, cautioned that shipments of the new iPhone could be delayed if Hon Hai can’t improve its yield rate as the new iPhone is “complicated and difficult to assemble.

“The touch-screen devices are so thin. It’s really difficult to install so many components into the iPhones and iPads,” Mr. Gou said. “We hope to raise the yield rate and volume in the second half which will help improve our gross margin.”

As always, Apple declined comment; however, there isn’t all that much to comment on outside of previously known and assumed facts about the iPhone. A thinner and lighter iPhone can easily be guessed at by anyone who has paid attention to any consumer electronic manufacturer in the last two decades. Perhaps the biggest bit of news to be taken from this rumor is that there will likely be shortages once the iPhone ships, again.

Should the Wall Street Journal be correct, and if the next iPhone is even more difficult than the iPhone 4 to assemble, getting a few million units available for launch could be a challenge. It’s starting to sound like some of us may be waiting for a while before we get our hands on the next iPhone. It could take some time until supply catches up with demand yet again.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Note: Image above is a concept, not the actually iPhone 5.

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