New Facebook App For iOS Brings Speed Increase


After many months of waiting, Facebook fans finally have a brand new iOS app built from the ground up using Objective-C instead of HTML. Loading speed and responsiveness are really the big benefits here. If you’ve been avoiding the Facebook app because of its slowness, try it again.

Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve been able to get the timeline to display. I can remember reading about previous versions supporting this, and the release notes of this release don’t mention it at all, but this update is the first one for me that displays the new profile design. Perhaps this is just a case of test-bucketitis.

Also worth noting is that they have added a banner system to indicate when you have new posts available. Now there is no reason to be constantly pawing at your screen to refresh — much like the streaming Twitter API used by Tweetbot.

So, is this a better solution? Will you be spending more time on Facebook now? Leave a comment below this post, or take a second to join us on Facebook.Here are the release notes for those of you who are interested:

We’ve rebuilt the app so it’s faster and easier to use.

  • Scrolling through news feed is faster than ever
  • New banner lets you tap to quickly see more stories – no need to refresh
  • Photos open fast and close with one downward swipe
  • Instant access to your notifications
Grant is a writer from Delaware. In his spare time, Grant maintains a personal blog, hosts The Weekly Roar, hosts Quadcast, and writes for video games.