Nest for iPhone reinvents the thermostat

When you think of the technologies in your home that are in need of an upgrade, I’m sure the thermostat isn’t the first to come to mind. Well, former Apple iPod/iPhone hardware chief Tony Fadell has spent some time thinking about how to improve it; in fact, he’s taken things a step further by reinventing the device altogether. Nest, the touch-controlled thermostat system, learns your warming and cooling habits, learns when you’re not at home, and then processes this information to cut your energy bill significantly. The best part?  You can control and monitor everything this thermostat does via the iPhone or iPad.

The Nest takes about one week to “learn” your habits. After that initial time investment the thermostat will automatically control your home’s climate. Why would Tony Fadell design a new-age thermostat? It turns out that your thermostat is responsible for 50% of your energy bill. When you leave the house without turning off the heat, you’re wasting energy.

That’s where Nest comes in handy:

What if it could build a schedule around what you like? Or figure out when you’re gone? Or show you how long it’ll take to warm up the house? What if your thermostat told you how much energy it used? And helped you to save even more? What if you could control it from your laptop and phone? That would change everything

The U.S. EPA says that a properly programmed thermostat can cut 20% or more off your heating and cooling bill. With its Apple-like design, passionate team, and technology of tomorrow, we should be on our way to a cheaper future. If not, at least you’re still getting an aesthetic upgrade over the ugly beige thermostat on your living room wall.

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