Old Navy now using Apple’s mobile Point of Sales system

Apple is now piloting their point of sales (POS) system in select Old Navy stores. The system, now being called ZipCheck, makes use of the iPod touch, Apple Software, and custom case by Infinite Peripherals that we’ve grown to love and hate at the Apple store.

The last time you were in an Apple store, you may have noticed Apple Store employees running around with mobile credit card machines, checking out customers all over the store.

Old Navy is hoping to increase throughput rate over the holidays, and avoid the long queues that tend to form in stores. The concept isn’t really all that new, considering large box stores have had multiple checkout points throughout their stores for years now, but instead of being tethered to a cash system, employees are now free to float around the store and check people out when opportunity arises.

A lot of people think the program is successful, but personally I think it makes the Apple store feel chaotic. I don’t remember the last time I was in one when it wasn’t a madhouse, with Apple employees running around frantically. It’s good news for Apple that their stores are so busy, but when it comes to customers, especially new ones, it gets increasingly frustrating the longer you go without being able to figure out who and where you pay for your purchase. “This machine only does Visa” and “Oh, the debit machine is over there” can often be heard in the Apple store, and now you have the luxury of going through all of this again at Old Navy.

Old Navy employees will have access to receipt printers throughout their stores, as well as mobile printers attached to their belts.

It looks like Square and other mobile payment systems might have a legitimate competitor in the near future.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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