My Xbox Live App Updated On iOS


The “My Xbox Live” app on iOS has received a huge update — specifically for the iPhone. In fact, you can even control and search media on your console with your iPhone using 4.3 or later. Insane, right?

Microsoft Release Note:

Use your iPhone with your Xbox to connect, control and discover content on your console. Connect your iPhone for access to a quick list of your most recent console activity. Control your content with play, pause, fast forward and rewind media controls. Find fresh entertainment to play in the new Discover section.

Sadly, the iPad version doesn’t get any of these cool new features. Since the app is universal, you can’t even suffer through a scaled-up iPhone interface. You just can’t use the features. Bizarre. On the upside, it does get a Retina upgrade. That said, it seems to be hit or miss. While most of the content seems to be Retina-ready, some of their images haven’t been updated. For example, the Xbox Live logo when you log in seems as jaggedy as the day is long.

Let’s hope Microsoft gets on the ball on the iPad front since nobody is going to be buying a Windows tablet any time soon.

Grant is a writer from Delaware. In his spare time, Grant maintains a personal blog, hosts The Weekly Roar, hosts Quadcast, and writes for video games.