Morse Code Your Way To A Tweet With TeleTweet. Wait, what?

Technology of yester-year meet technology of today. TeleTweet, a Twitter client from Shacked Software, lets you tweet from your very own digital Morse code machine.

The app not only lets you send out tweets, but it also provides you with a quick international Morse character reference so you can learn as you go. While it may not be the optimal way of sending out a tweet, it’s certainly a great teaching tool for anyone interested in Morse Code. Hell, who knows, maybe the lessons learned in TeleTweet will save your life one day.

If you get bored, the application also has a full qwerty keyboard built in, just in case you can’t remember how to get that ellusive @ symbol before you send out a reply. The application only sends out tweets, and it’s not a full-fledged Twitter client, so don’t expect to get at-replies and direct messages in morse code, as cool as that sounds. You can, however, get a running ticker-tape reading of your timeline by turning your iPhone into landscape mode.

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