‘Monocle’ Allows For True Fullscreen iOS Apps

Love your iOS apps but hate the peaky task bar? The new jailbreak tweak ‘Monocle’ might be for you. This tweak will allow you to use your apps without the task bar, giving you a true fullscreen experience. Not only does Monocle hide the task bar, but it also hides the navigation bar, tab bar and toolbar. However, you can choose which one of these bars you would like to hide. Because of this, Monocle has an edge over its competitors, such as ‘Maximization,’ which feature similar functionality, but do not allow you to hide objects on the screen other than the task bar.

Now you might be thinking: “this is cool and all, but how do I navigate between screens without the navigation bar?” Simple, the developer recommends installing a tweak like SwipeBack,’ which allows you to navigate between pages in apps by swiping instead of tapping the nav buttons. And while this may seem unintuitive at first, some users have reported liking SwipeBack more than using the nav buttons, so give it a shot if you’re jailbroken!

Do you use Monocle or plan on downloading it now that you’ve read this article? Let us know by commenting on this post! If you’d like to give Monocle a go, add Ryan Petrich’s source (http://rpetri.ch/repo) to your Cydia feed; he’s the developer of Monocle. You can now download the Monocle beta free of charge.

Source: iDownloadBlog
Image Credit: iDownloadBlog

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