MobileRSS HD 3.0 looks… familiar

MobileRSS HD 3.0 is a recently updated RSS feed reader for the iPad. It has a good feature set and a great new UI … that is totally stolen.

That’s right. Stolen. The original UI is that of Reeder for iPad, one of the best RSS readers on the App Store. Sadly, the developers at NibiruTech have included the UI as a “theme” for the newest version of their app.

The ripoff is pretty shameless. The coloring is close, but the UI controls are so similar, it is hard to believe this is a coincidence. It’s also hard to believe that someone would be so bold. The App Store is a difficult market for many developers, but cheating is not the way to sell apps.

We’ve reached out to NibiruTech on Twitter, but haven’t heard back. If we do, we will let you know.

Both MobileRSS HD and Reeder are $4.99, but we can only recommend the latter. The link to Reeder for iPad is below — if you’re looking for a great iOS Google Reader client, it’s a good choice.

Article Via Marco

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