Mobile Notifier developer hired by Apple to fix iOS notifications

This is the kind of story we all like to hear about. When Peter Hajas got sick and tired of the way Apple’s iOS notification system worked, rather than complain about it online, he decided to fix it. Peter designed and built a complete replacement for the iOS notification system, and made it available to all jailbroken iPhone users via the Cydia downloads app.

His replacement, known as Mobile Notifier, has been featured all over the web in videos and various blog posts. Apparently, Apple’s iOS team has discovered his work, and taken a liking to it. Of course, Peter is not allowed to say for certain what he’s doing now, or even where he’s working. He wrote a blog post telling his followers that he was “stepping away from app development,” but that, “it’s worth it.” He said that if you look hard enough, you can probably figure out where he went to work, and concluded his post in a quote from Steve Jobs—”Stay hungry, stay foolish.” He also mentioned that he would be working for a certain fruit company.

Apple may not inherently support the jailbreak community, but it’s obvious that they are paying close attention to the various iOS enhancements created by the community. It’s great to see a guy like Peter get hired by a company he loves, and it’s really great to know that Apple is finally addressing the mess that iOS notifications have become. We will most likely see the notification system improve significantly with the release of iOS 5, and see further improvements in future point releases of iOS, due to the new talent that Apple now has access to. It will be exciting to see what great new innovations Peter can produce now that he has full access to iOS from inside Apple.

Image and Article Via iDevice Rumors

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