Minecraft iOS will see light after Sony Xperia release

Seems like Notch, creator of Minecraft, is making sure that his brand is nicely presented and well groomed. There have been recent updates provided, new features added, and now, a near release date for Minecraft on iOS has been announced. We can expect to see the brain-shattering and wife-losing Minecraft game appear on iPhones, iPods, and iPads alike in the coming months, claims an articles from Gamesutra. The game, as said in the article, will first come to the Sony Xperia, and then to favorite Android and iOS device.

When Minecraft first came out as a Java game in 2009, it was noticed for having an infinite scope. There were no invisible walls or things you couldn’t create; it was all open to your exposure. You have nothing holding you back from building a house that looked like a giant cupcake or making a zebra door for your log cabin. Your creativity just flows.

The version of Minecraft that will be released for the Xperia is going to use the joysticks on the device, yet the one coming for Android and iOS will add the touchscreen capabilities to the game. No one knows how the game will differ as it’s incredibly hard to fully port a PC game to a smartphone or smaller screen without either cutting things back or exchanging them for similar features but with different layouts. Even though we won’t hear much, it’s good to know what’s being planned for the future. We expect to hear more news at the E3 expo in June.

Article Via Gamesutra

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