Microsoft shifting from Silverlight to HTML5

Microsoft server president Bob Muglia has shown Microsoft’s hand a little more than most would have expected. According to Muglia, Microsoft has begun a transition away from Silverlight towards HTML5.

Citing cross-platform development as the catalyst, Muglia “stressed to ZDNet that Silverlight would still run on Macs and Linux systems, but HTML5 was the only guarantee of support for the iPhone and iPad… HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including [the] iOS platform.”

It’s becoming quite evident that everyone is in agreement. HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript are quickly becoming the tools of the future for cross-platform development. Microsoft is betting on it, Apple’s betting on it, and Google and HP have even publicly advocated for the technology. It seems like popular opinion at Adobe may even be slowly changing as well: Adobe has created their own HTML5 Video Player.

When a single major computing company starts touting a technology such as HTML5 as the future, a few people take notice, and a majority start calling BS. But, when every single major player touts a technology as the best multi-platform development tool, everyone’s put on notice.

The question is: has Adobe received the notice?

Article Via MacDailyNews

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