Mass Effect Infiltrator out now for iOS

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Are you super excited about the launch of Mass Effect 3 today? Well, you need to get even more excited because there is a brand new adventure in the Mass Effect universe available for iPhone and iPad, and this time it doesn’t suck.

Mass Effect Infiltrator takes place during the events of Mass Effect 3, and your actions actually affect your gameplay in the main game. Once you’re logged into EA’s Origin service in the app, your progress in the game helps the galactic readiness in Mass Effect 3 as Commander Shepard prepares to fight the reapers.

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This third person shooter is a streamlined touch-based implementation of the traditional Mass Effect combat, and it is surprisingly effective. No, it isn’t as precise as a keyboard/mouse or even a gamepad, but it is pretty slick considering how much you’re able to do with a few swipes.

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In Mass Effect Infiltrator, you play as Randall Ezno, a Cerberus operative who figures out that his employers are more than he once thought. After discovering some unfortunate information about Cerberus, Randall goes rogue, and starts collecting information that will help save the galaxy.

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As of release, audio will only play through earphones on my iPad 2 running iOS 5.1. While there is a screen encouraging the player to use earphones, I imagine this is a bug that will be fixed either once 5.1 is out officially, or in a patch to the game. Either way, it isn’t a huge deal. Just jump in, and enjoy some Mass Effect for only $6.99 USD.

By the way, we’re live streaming during the iPad 3 event tomorrow. Check out the details.

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