Martin Scorsese Featured In Latest Siri Ad By Apple

On Monday evening Apple released the latest in a series of iPhone 4S ads. This one features famous director and producer Martin Scorsese using Siri. The Siri ad, titled “Busy Day,” shows Mr. Scorsese in the back of a cab asking Siri to check his schedule, move appointments around, tell him where a friend is, and check city traffic on the way in to work.

Other commercials that show off what Siri can do on the iPhone 4S include other celebrities, and have most recently featured Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, and John Malkovich.

Apple’s iPhone 4S commercials, including the latest “Busy Day” with Martin Scorsese, can be seen on Apple’s website.

Source: Apple and The Mac Observer
Image Credit: intomobile

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