Make Your iPhone Even More Useful With The Ready Case

While I’ve gone through many iPhone cases, I haven’t found many of them to be terribly useful. Sure, they may protect your phone and in some cases double as a wallet, but wouldn’t it be cool if your iPhone case was actually useful? That’s what the folks at Ready Case are aiming to do with their latest iPhone case.

The Ready Case not only protects your iPhone, but it also doubles as a headphone organizer, lens mount, multi-tool and flash drive. Yep, all of that attaches to the back of your iPhone. The multi-tool will let you open bottles, cut things and even screw things together. The Ready Case’s flash drive attachment comes in both 8GB or 16GB models and allows you to transfer files like you would with any other flash drive. The flash drive also doubles as a kickstand for your iPhone, which makes viewing videos and photos a breeze. The Ready Case also has a built-in lens mount that allows you to use wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses, which can be purchased separately with your iPhone for stunning photos and videos.

So, how much bulk will the Ready Case add to your iPhone? Surprisingly, not that much. The case adds roughly 3mm to the back of your iPhone, making an iPhone 5 roughly the size of an iPhone 4. And yes, Ready Case will offer cases for both the iPhone 4/4S as well as the iPhone 5.

Ready Case is currently seeking $15,000 in funding via Indiegogo. As of now, they’ve received just under $13,000 with 29 days left to fund the project. If you would like to preorder a Ready Case for yourself, head on over to their Indiegogo page for details.

Via:¬†Today’s iPhone

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