Pantone iPhone Cases

Pantone is known for their vibrant proprietary color space used in machining plastics, fabrics and other materials. Pantone has decided to bring some of these colors to a recently introduced iPhone case, which goes by the name ‘Pantone Universe’.

The Pantone Universe case for iPhone 4/4S is designed nicely with a cool snap-on design. The back of the case is mostly a single Pantone color with a small label located at the bottom. This label is pretty basic and shows the type of color by listing the color’s Pantone name in a clear, bold font. The label also gives the case a nice two-toned look. Personally, I think this looks nice because of how simple the back of the case looks. The sides of the case also offer a cool texture, which makes gripping the case easier.

If you want to pick up a Pantone Universe case for your iPhone 4 or 4S, head over to Case Scenario’s online store and take a look at all ten Pantone cases they offer for the iPhone 4/4S. These cases will currently run you €34.99 per case and are definitely worth the price if you want to protect your iPhone from scratching while making your iPhone look nice with a sexy, clean and simple case.

Source: Case Scenario via Highsnob

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