Make Everyone Jealous With This One Of A Kind Atari 2600 iPhone Speaker Dock

Whether you’re looking to re-live a bit of your gaming youth or whether you just want an incredibly sleek and retro looking iPhone speaker dock, this Atari 2600 is something everyone should want in their house.

The device acts as both a speaker and charging dock and was created using a real Atari 2600. While its insides have been changed out and it no longer plays games, from the outside, it still looks exactly like an old Atari. The dock even includes an FM radio, a remote control and a 3.5mm audio-in port.

The dock is designed for earlier iPhone models, so those who have an iPhone 5 will also have to buy an adapter.

If you’re seriously interested in picking it up, you should buy sooner rather than later. Seeing as how the dock was made from a broken Atari, there is currently only one in stock to purchase and there may not be any more made. Buy it for roughly $220 from Etsy user Peter Morris here.

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