Major Summer Job Hiring At Foxconn, Brings More Hype To iPhone 5 and Rumored iPad Mini

Thousands of people have lined up outside of Foxconn’s Chengdu plant in hopes of filling summer positions with one of Apple’s most important manufacturing partners in Asia. The timing of this hiring brings more hype about Apple’s next-generation iPhone, as well as the rumored iPad mini.

With the new iPhone on the horizon and the excitement surrounding it, Apple will definitely need to speed up production and a massive hiring such as this would definitely help. With the next-generation iPhone expected to launch this fall, Apple will need to produce a massive number of devices to meet the huge demand prior to its release.

From iMore:

It is thought that the recruitment in Chengdu is for the production of the rumored iPad miniwhile the extra employees in Zhengzhou will be for the next generation iPhone 5. If both of these product are due to be launched in October, it would make sense that they were being produced very soon, if not already. 

It isn’t clear how many job openings are actually available at this point, but Foxconn is rumored to be hiring a substantial number of workers to help produce new iPhones. Such massive hiring will likely help reduce production delays or product shortages.

Despite reports of Foxconn’s poor working conditions, there is still a huge demand for jobs at the factory and workers are still willing to fill them. Foxconn reportedly requires job applicants to submit a registration fee of 150 Chinese yuan ($24) to formally apply for summer employment.

Source: M.I.C. Gadget via ModMyi and iMore
Image Credit: M.I.C. Gadget

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