Mailbox Launch The Very Definition Of Bullshit

Guys, Mailbox is on the App Store. Oh, wait. It’s not really on the App Store. Instead, you can now download a count-down application that lets you know there’s about 200,000 people ahead of you waiting in line for the privilege of downloading the app. Think it’s all sour grapes on my part? Think again, I’m not the only on who thinks this is garbage.

Here are some early thoughts from our Twitter timeline:









That’s just in the last three minutes. By the looks of it, a lot of people are pretty annoyed that the application is taking this approach to a launch. Mailbox will probably say it’s a creative way to scale a service; we call it an artificial way to increase demand for the application.

Thing is, people aren’t going to wait around to see the app finally released. There are half a dozen of new email applications getting set to be released.

What do you think? Is this over the top, or a clever way to roll out an application?

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