Lookout music, apps are coming for you

Digital downloads are still in their infancy, relatively speaking. It’s only been the last half-decade that the majority of music purchasers (young and old) have started flocking to iTunes instead of HMV to get their music fix. There’s a lot more music listeners than there are iPhone and Touch users in the world, so it’s a little surprising that Asymco, a Helsinki-based app developer, has come up with some numbers that show that iOS App purchases are accelerating at a much quicker rate than music.

Based on their findings, it took 2.2 years for the App Store to reach the 6.3 billion apps downloaded mark, whereas it took 5 years for the music store. It’s great news for iOS developers, but let’s keep this whole thing in perspective shall we? When was the last time you saw a free album or track on iTunes for download? If 80% of the music on iTunes was free these numbers would tell a different story.

Article Via TechCrunch

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