So long Zune, it’s too bad we never knew you


When you’re very late to the party, not too many people notice your arrival. I mean, a couple of wallflowers might notice you coming through the door, but most of the kids are already busting their moves on the dance floor.

The Zune was late to the party, and no one noticed it. Now it’s dead, and if we had to hazard a guess, few people probably noticed that too.

Microsoft has killed off the Zune according to Business Insider. Well, not entirely—the Zune player itself is gone, but Microsoft is now focusing their music playing effort into Windows Phone 7. We can’t argue with that move. When you think about it, the era of the dedicated media player is coming to an end. I know we’ll probably get some slack from the iPod classic crowd for that comment, but we honestly believe that the time for a dedicated music device is over.

The bizarre thing about Microsoft’s move is that they’re planning on selling the current Zune to customers, but they won’t be introducing new ones. Something tells me that people won’t be willing to buy an end of the line product if given the chance.

It looks like the Zune versus iPod war is now officially over, and the Windows Phone 7 versus iPhone war is in full swing. We’ll take it. Personally, if I had to do away with my iPhone, I’d be rocking a Windows Phone 7.

Editor’s Note: If anyone knows that Zune guy in the picture above, you may want to pop over for a visit tonight. Something tells me he might be taking this news particularly hard.

Article Via Business Insider

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