Letterpress Updated To Version 1.2, Adds Replay Feature

Letterpress, the popular iOS tile game, has just been updated to version 1.2. This update brings a slew of new features to the game, including Share Replays. Share Replays allows users to share replays of their Letterpress games via the web.

Users can copy links from within the game and send them to their friends. These links send users to replays of their games which can be opened by any modern web browser as they are displayed in HTML5 and Java, not in Flash or any other type of video. Users can easily share their replays via Twitter and Facebook as well as email.

Other new features include the exclusions of pronouns and an improved dictionary. The application has also been updated with orientation fixes for the iPad as well as other minor bug fixes. Letterpress is available for free via the App Store.

Share replays are cool and all, but the real killer feature we need is notifications every time a competitor multitasks to Safari and opens a Scrabble cheat webapp.

Note from the editor (Josh): I pretty much stopped playing this game entirely because all my friends are cheats. Minus Mr. Crowdis (pictured above), of course. He’s actually a pretty good game.

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