Leaked Video Shows Redesigned Apple Earphones For iPhone 5?

According to a Vietnamese website, Tinhte.vn, Apple is gearing up to release brand new, redesigned Apple earphones. The site claims that these earphones will be released alongside the new iPhone 5 at the expected September 12 event.

If this report is true then this would be the first redesign of Apple’s earphones since the current style was released in 2006. Tinhte has posted a video of the new earphones and even compares the look of them to the current earphones. The new earphones feature a spherical design that seems to aim for a more secure in-ear fit.

In the past, Tinhte has been able to get hold of pre-release and prototype Apple devices, so it’s very possible that these earphones are the real thing. A translation of the video says that the earphones were made in a Vietnam factory and have the words: “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in Vietnam.” While most of Apple’s earphones are assembled in China, some have been assembled in Vietnam in the past.

While a lot of iPhone and iPod users do use the supplied Apple earphones, they are often replaced by something more high-end that offers better sound quality. Hopefully, if these earphones are the real deal, they will not only have better sound, but will also be less likely to fall out of our ears so easily.

Source: Tinhte via Macrumors via iPodNN

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